Pg 196

cremaster muscle

Pg 198

ductus deferens

(other name meaning)

Pg 199

urogenital diaphragm

Pg 201

femoral triangle

lateral muscle length

Pg 202


Pg 203

Ductus Deferens function

Urogenital Diaphragm

anal sphincter function

urethra portions

corpus cavernosum


Deep artery and Deep Dorsal Vein

penis innervation

Pg 206



Ovarian vascularization

Pg 207


Ovary function

Pg 208

uterine lining

Pg 209

Lactiferous ducts

Mammary Glands

Pg 211

Acetabulum articulation - look at your bone diagrams for crying out loud!

Levator Ani (see anus for ani)

Muscular sling name (sling is kind of like a hammock, isn't it?)

Vagina to anus?

urethra - just look at what organ it comes out of.

Pg 213

homologous structure (it is halfway down the page)

myometrium meaninig (search myo, them metr)

myometrium function

common uterus

Birth canal length

Pg. 214

Round ligaments


Uterine tube

uterus and cell type you should know