Skeletal Beyond Questions

These are links to websites where you can find the answers to the "Beyond AIA" questions. If a link does not work, you will have to Google it yourself.

Axial Skeleton

Pg 17

Def. of a sinus

Pg 24

endocrine structure of sella turcica

cranial nerve

Page 26

Cranial Foramen 1

More Cranial Foramen Stuff

Pg 27

Hyoid articulation

Hyoid function

action of sternohyoid muscle

Pg 28

Sternum function

junction in sternum .

xiphoid meaning

sternal angle significance

sternal puncture

articulating bone

"True" ribs

"False" ribs

"Floating" ribs

Pg 31

2nd cervical vert name

dens / odontoid process name meaning

vertebra prominens

disc function - you know this from the tissue lab

primary and secondary curvature

body function

cervical transverse processes

median sacral crest similarities and differences

Pg 34

sinuous curve

fractured clavicle

greenstick fracture

Pg 36



Acromian = Summit


Appendicular Skeleton

Medial border synonym

Pg 37

intertubercular groove and the biceps

olecranon fossa

Pg 39



3 hip bones

Pg 41

femur length

femur articulations