Muscular System Beyond AIA Question Links

pg. 44

Platysma meaning

Eye muscle meaning

pg 45

sternocleidomastoid - just look where it attaches

serratus anterior meaning

answer shape and location from meaning

galea aponeurotica - just find aponeurosis & add galea


internal jugular function

pg 46

temporalis action

pg 47

subclavitus derivation


latissimus dors

thoracolumbar fascia

composition = same as tendon & ligament

significance means its function - halfway down the page. Look at the heading.

pg 49


extensor carpi radialis longus (you shouldn't need help - look at the parts)


pg 50

biceps brachii

pg 51


brachialis - same as it was for brachii


pg 52

flexor digitorum profundus - use your anatomical regions diagram for the digit part. It is profound!

prime mover - very bottom of the page

pg 53

linea alba derevation

linea alba function


pg 54


opposing action

membrane class

sheet like tendon - you already answered this on page 53

pg 55


pg 56

transversus muscle fibers - look on ADAM

pg 58


quadriceps - like bi and triceps

femoris - think big bone

pg 60

medial lag muscle function - find them on the list

pg 61

biceps femoris - do we still need to go over this.


pg 63

peroneus longus

pg 65

use this for all

opposite of eversion

foot inversion

foot eversion

ankle movement

Prime mover for Plantar Flexion - check all lower leg muscles to find the two.

pg 66

tibialis anterior meaning - put the two words together

tibialis anterior action

extensor action - same idea as the question on pg 49

tendon sheath

Extensor hallucis longus function - use ADAM and a brain

pg 67

flexor digitorum longus - figure it out yourself

tibialis posterior - same as above